Ya’ Fuck With The Bull…

…Ya’ get the horns – or in this case, the arrows:


Dick Jones loves him the Natural Selection process at work!  Thanks for removing THIS genius from the (potential) breeding (cess)pool!  Only one question remains: Who gets to keep the soccer ball I wanna know?


Captain Obvious Has NOT Left The Building!

Dick Jones loves him some slogans, has for many years; those Madison Avenue Boys have come up with some winners!  Clearly however, the millennial geniuses at the Mack Weldon U-Trou Company were a little short on “Slogan Funds”; to wit:

“For Daily Wear” – REALLY?!  As opposed to what, Mssr. Weldon?  Will you be coming out with a line of U-Trou that will be “For Weekly Wear” I wanna know?  “Inside-Outside-Forwards-Backwards – Now that would give us “For Four Days’ Wear” – Dick Jones would be lyin’ if he said he’d never done THAT in 62.5 years…

Now pardon me while I go change my underwear – day’s almost over!

How To Survive A Parachute Failure

Dick Jones could not WAIT to share this CRITICAL information with his (admittedly) miniscule following; to wit: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41883027

“Option B” – the one that Dick Jones has embraced for 62.5 years now, is to not get up out of the fucking ELECTRIC CHAIR to voluntarily don a parachute in the FIRST fucking place!  Dick has never jumped out of a motor vehicle at speed, never jumped out of a motorboat at speed, and NEVER exited a submerged submarine at speed; tell me AGAIN why ANY swingin’ dick would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane??!!


Free Pet Euthanasia & Cremation Service Offered By United Airlines!

United Airlines – you might already know them as the airline that will implement a delightful “makeover” to you if you refuse to change seats – Dick Jones covered THIS goat fuck not too long ago: https://dickjamesjones.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/the-jack-boot-squad-strikes-again/

As part of their new “Up, Up, & Away To Heaven” promotion, United Airlines is now offering FREE OF CHARGE to euthanize that pesky pet of yours! For a limited time only on any domestic United Airlines Flight, one of their helpful & courteous flight attendants will gladly step in and INSIST on putting your beloved pet in a hot, stuffy, asphyxiating overhead bin for the duration of your flight.

Upon arrival, they will then remove your now dead pet, arrange to have it cremated, and its ashes delivered to your doorstep at no charge to you! Furthermore, if you “squirt a few” on network television, they’ll even reimburse you for your flight expenses – what WILL they think of next?!

Dick Jones hereby gives a “tip of the hat” to United Airlines for their continued ingenuity – let’s watch those profits SOAR, shall we?


dog skeleton

This guy’s dance card is ALREADY starting to fill up!

Happy 2018, loyal readers! Dick Jones would like to introduce you to one of THE most popular new prisoners to be “loosed” (pun intended) into the genital (pun intended) prison population – coming to an institution near you: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42811304  This guy’s rectum is gonna be busier than a Penn Station turnstyle at rush hour, doncha know…

Good old Larry “Loose Anus” Nassar – I can just hear the prison population discussing his merits now: “Yeah, Larry didn’t give too good of a blow job when he first got here – but after we punched all those pesky teeth out – now that mouth of his is SO scha-weet! He ever’body’s bee-atch, uh hunh…”

The line forms to the REAR, fellas – there’s room for ALL of you, so no need to fight amongst yourselves! Dick Jones just LOVES “a happy end-ing”!