Captain Obvious Has NOT Left The Building!

Dick Jones loves him some slogans, has for many years; those Madison Avenue Boys have come up with some winners!  Clearly however, the millennial geniuses at the Mack Weldon U-Trou Company were a little short on “Slogan Funds”; to wit:

“For Daily Wear” – REALLY?!  As opposed to what, Mssr. Weldon?  Will you be coming out with a line of U-Trou that will be “For Weekly Wear” I wanna know?  “Inside-Outside-Forwards-Backwards – Now that would give us “For Four Days’ Wear” – Dick Jones would be lyin’ if he said he’d never done THAT in 62.5 years…

Now pardon me while I go change my underwear – day’s almost over!


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