This guy’s dance card is ALREADY starting to fill up!

Happy 2018, loyal readers! Dick Jones would like to introduce you to one of THE most popular new prisoners to be “loosed” (pun intended) into the genital (pun intended) prison population – coming to an institution near you:  This guy’s rectum is gonna be busier than a Penn Station turnstyle at rush hour, doncha know…

Good old Larry “Loose Anus” Nassar – I can just hear the prison population discussing his merits now: “Yeah, Larry didn’t give too good of a blow job when he first got here – but after we punched all those pesky teeth out – now that mouth of his is SO scha-weet! He ever’body’s bee-atch, uh hunh…”

The line forms to the REAR, fellas – there’s room for ALL of you, so no need to fight amongst yourselves! Dick Jones just LOVES “a happy end-ing”!