Another Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault Victim…

…comes forward; this particular “individual” may have been the victim of the MOST oft-repeated assaults by Mr. Weinstein. Specifically, it’s Harvey Weinstein’s right hand. You read it here first – “Mr. Hand”, as he prefers to be called, claims repeated, humiliating, and shameless non-consensual sexual abuse by Mr. Weinstein dating back to the late 1950’s! Prior to this, he has been reluctant to come forward and be heard, claiming that, while he has indeed been a victim more times and for a longer period than anyone else who has come forward to-date, Mr. Hand indicates that each individual act of abuse was both “short in time”, and quite unobtrusive in terms of “penetration”. Authorities are investigating Mr. Hand’s claims, but indicate that there “may be something” to Mr. Hand’s claim; stay tuned, fair readers!