It’s clear – as MUD!

Peggy & I, after ~4 years’ deliberation, FINALLY made our decision for a dining room table light to replace the CEILING FAN that the original owner had suspended from the 20′ ceiling when the house was built in 1994.

A ceiling fan – REALLY?!  I don’t know about anyone ELSE, but unless you’re prone to serving your victuals NUCLEAR HOT, I for one am not apt to want a fan DIRECTLY over my dining room table…

I won’t get into the NIGHTMARE that was “the fan de-installation” and the subsequent light installation – all from the TWENTY FOOT CEILING; we’ll leave THAT whole ‘nuther Oprah for a future entry!

What I would like to call your attention to is the fine “Instruction Sheet” that accompanied the VERY expensive, Made-In-Our-Mother-Country-Of-Chin-Wa light.  Please enjoy – feel free to scratch your ball sack in confusion while reading:


This was the ONLY installation instructions that accompanied the lamp!  Luckily, ole’ DJ is no stranger to installing shit; furthermore, he IS a stranger to “rotted detergent”.  Hopefully, whoever wrote this tome isn’t also writing menus for your favorite Chinese restaurant…


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