The Jack Boot Squad Strikes Again!

Dick Jones is sure that everyone with a pulse has seen this video by now:

Now I ain’t no mathematician, but I would call that “an expensive seat-clearing” for United Airlines – can you say “Chapter 11?” Lemme see – stock position down ONE BILLION DOLLARS the day after – I’m guessing that the Stormtroopers shown in the video will be looking elsewhere for the future funds required to keep up with their respective twice-monthly testosterone shots doncha know…

But wait – ‘dere’s MAAWWW…!!! These moronic apes picked a DOCTOR to tune up; can you say STAGGERING LAWSUIT? Dick Jones is guessing that the prestigious Chicago law firm of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe is drawing up the paperwork as he types. Furthermore, I betcha that there are a WHOLE LOTTA United Airlines flight crew resumes in copy machines right about now…

Here’s a tip for everyone who reads this – when you close the front door of your house, condo, refrigerator box, or wherever you happen to stay, just ASSUME that someBODY is recording you – so don’t scratch your ball sack, and maybe hold off on beating the bloody SHITE outta somebody that you don’t take a shine to, or who you might otherwise wanna show how tough you are – can ya’ hear me NOW, Officer Forearms?!


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