You read it here FIRST!

I’ve said this before, but after this week in particular, Dick Jones feels compelled to repeat – Donald Trump CLEARLY has Tourette’s! Let’s see what Mssr. Webster has to say; highlighted area courtesy of Dick Jones:

Tourette’s syndrome Tou·rette’s syndrome (tu-rěts’) or Tou·rette syndrome (-rět’).

A severe neurological disorder characterized by multiple facial and other body tics, usually beginning in childhood or adolescence and often accompanied by grunts and compulsive utterances, as of interjections and obscenities. Also called Gilles de la Tourette’s disease …

Now I ask you – has there EVER been a man SO in the spotlight as old DT hisself who could out-do his “compulsive utterances” this very week? It’s like he’s in some kind of “personal contest” to out psycho-babble himself – ‘ya just can’t make this shit UP, Kids! We are witnessing history, Boys & Girls – the Presidential campaign of 2016 will go down (can it even GO down any further?) in history as THE biggest goat fuck EVER…But wait – dere’s (probably) MORE…


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