Couple Killed Over 22 cents…

This is what Dick Jones has been preaching since he was a teenager:

Now see what happened here? This couple was not killed over 22 cents – this couple was killed because they only HAD 22 cents! Which is why Dick Jones has been carrying $186.00 in his wallet since he was a teenager – one each of a hundred, a fifty, a twenty, a ten, a five, and a one dollar bill(s) – so that when Dick Jones is held up by a maniacal crack-head, he will have hit the equivalent of The Powerball; it’s La-La Land for the whole Lost Weekend! Obviously the grocer in the above-linked story was a crack-head, a meth-head, or was married to a crack-‘ho or meth-ho’ – that 15 rupees don’t buy much crack, even in the Dalit community I’m guessing…

So there you have it, Kids – tuck yourself away $186.00 tout de suite, don’t touch those rupees unless you HAVE to, and if you do, replenish ASAP – then you can walk the streets of the Dalit community with your head held high, firmly ATTACHED at the shoulders – where God, Nature, and ever’body else but that Green Grocer INTENDED it to be!

head in hand


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