Dick Jones’ #1 Vote For the 2016 Darwin Awards…

Now I don’t know about YOU peoples; scratch that – yes I DO! I can safely say that not a SINGLE Dick Jones reader would have done what THESE geniuses did while driving through a Chinese Wild Animal Park:


What EXACTLY did these pilgrims NOT understand about the words “Wild Animal” I wanna know?! Hopefully the purveyors of this facility won’t harm EITHER of those tigers, ’cause they were just doing what was in their DNA – much the way Dick Jones has done EACH & EVERY TIME he has driven through a Wild Animal Park; as in – stay IN the freakin’ vehicle, and if you’re STUPIT ENOUGH to get OUT of your vehicle, don’t saunter around like you’ve got all the time in the World – ’cause “All The Time In The World” for you will be counted with that first row of beads on your abacus! And on that big sign that says “Please don’t feed the WILD Animals”, Dick Jones UNDERSTANDS that that also means “with yourownself, MORON!”…

One final word of advice – leave the convertible at home, Kids!


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