Pokémon Go-ing, Going, GONE!

As in: “Gone – right under that crosstown bus, you freakin’ MORON!” As if the World didn’t have enough MASS cell phone distraction ALREADY – now we’ve got ONE more; and it’s a BIG one, according to the news. Dick Jones hisownself was at a gathering this past Saturday evening – a gathering in point of fact of some purty smart peoples – ’cause Dick Jones ain’t got time to hang around with no mental midgets! Imagine my dismay at finding out that Pokémon Go has its hooks firmly ensconced in one of these poor bastards…

Now it don’t take no Rocket Surgeon to figger out that it’s gonna be just THAT long before some retart steps in front of oncoming traffic on account-a he’s got his or her head all down IN that cell phone, looking for Pokémon. I got news for YOU, Mr. or Ms. Future Ascendant Into The Gates Of Heaven – Pokémon AIN’T up THERE, No Sir – and even if he WAS, how you gonna find him I wanna know?


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