The Coolie Look

Among the many heavy burdens that Dick Jones carries on his shoulders, one of the most important is being a fashion trendsetter. This requires great perception, forward thinking, and the ability to “define something into existence”; in the case of fashion, the road is twisted and dangerous, littered with “Fashion Failures”. The Zoot Suit, Crocs shoes, ball caps with the visors turned sideways, Guido-style velour tracksuits, and platform sneakers – epic fails all; and none of which were endorsed or embraced by Dick Jones…

With that introduction, please allow me to present “The Coolie Look”. To the uninitiated, a “coolie” is a (now derisive, but what ISN’T these days?!) term for an “unskilled laborer”. Sorry – that defines Dick Jones to a tee! As such, here now is step one in Dick Jones’ transformation from Hungarian House Boy to Coolie; muslin togs and coolie hat forthcoming:


Update: Apparently, Great Minds DO think alike!  I see that some enterprising individual has TAKEN Dick Jones’ “Coolie Look” and turned it into a fine product – now where MY Royalty Check I wanna know?!

sock sandals


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