The Saga Of The Boxer Gloves…

On & on it goes, Kids — here’s the latest Dick Jones gripe: for many years I’ve been wearing CLC #135 “Boxer Gloves” for my garage chores, after accidentally discovering them about 10 years ago. They are INFINITELY better than “Mechanix” brand gloves — much “grippier” surface, form-fitting to a fault, protection on the backs of real suede leather for knuckles, and last about 2-3 times as long as Mechanix gloves.

I finally went through my initial order of a half dozen pairs, so I jump on the old Information Shopping Highway and order me up 4 more pairs from the small company that I bought the last batch from.

Here for comparison purposes is what they USED to look like (a New Old Stock pair on the left), compared to the Pakistani-made SHITE on the right:


The new ones are absolute fucking GARBAGE! The palms feel like they’re made of crepe paper, and the backs feel like they’re made of papier mâ·ché — they’re not fit to wipe a goat’s ass with! Luckily I was able to source TWO more pairs of the old style — the search continues…

The World continues to go to Hell in a handbasket, and when they load Dick Jones IN that handbasket, he’ll have a few pairs of CLC Boxer Gloves in the OLD style with him — he’ll bring along a few pairs of the new style, in case there’s any goats in Hell who need their asses wiped…


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