Alabama Governor Gets Wallet Delivered Via Helicopter

Dick Jones has known about this one for quite some time, due to the fact that he’s friends with one of Governor Bentley’s bodyguards; here’s the REAL story, from him:

“Yeah, I got the call from Bob (Bentley); I was busy giving his wife the old pickle-tickle when my cell phone rang. I finished up my “work” (the old gal is happy for ANY attention she gets anymore, doncha know) and grabbed the call – apparently Bob’s big quandary was that he had a coupla Jimmy Hats in said wallet, and had a “Happy Ending” appointment at the Thai Massage Parlor set up for late that afternoon. He wanted to make sure he didn’t get caught with his pants down and no “rascal wrapper”, so we grabbed that wallet and got it down there to him most rikki-tik; he needed the coin to cover those “services to be rendered” tab as well. The old geez forgot his Cialis too, so we had to grab that on the way out da’ d’oh. Geez – in a coupla more years, that codger is gonna be hiding his OWN Easter Eggs. Kinda sucks him getting busted on this one; looks like I’ll be out of a job after he gets the boot…”

Dick Jones suspects that Old Bob may be waking up real soon to find a used condom hangin’ outta HIS ass before the smoke clears and the dust settles on THIS caper…



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