Packing Peanuts – The Scourge Of Humanity!

Dick Jones just spent 15 minutes chasing same up and down the skreet here in our neighborhood, after The Trashman Cometh — and got about HALF of ’em NOT in his trash truck, but blowing to the four winds out of MY trash bin. Of COURSE, the wind decided to pick up at EXACTLY 14 seconds AFTER the trash truck sped away…

I have BEGGED The Vitamin Shoppe to NOT use them when fulfilling my orders; their response being that they are biodegradable, so no worries! They use them with reckless abandon instead of packing PAPER when there is absolutely NO need to do so; the contents being things that wouldn’t “break” unless you ran over the box WITH the aforementioned trash truck…

A Pox to the MOTHER-FUCKER that invented these God-Damned things; I hope his/her legs grow together!



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