Common Core Edumacating

Merry Festivus and Happy Syphilis from Dick Jones! Dick & Peggy had the pleasure of hosting a Christmas Fete last night – Dick did his part to “Keep The Christ In Christmas” by speaking his name multiple times throughout the day; to wit: “Jesus H. Christ this place is a mess – where do I start?” and “Oh Christ – they’re gonna be here in an hour!” just to name a few…

Despite my best efforts, the party went off without a hitch – until the discussion turned to one of our guest’s discussion of “Common Core” as a teaching method here in Kalifornia. Of course, being child FREE, I wasn’t even remotely aware of this. He tried to ‘splain it to me, but being hopelessly ignorant, mired in my 50 some-odd year old methodology of learning (or NOT learning), he got nowhere, so he recommended doing a Google Search, which I did today:

So, there it is – though I will submit that this method is not “new” at ALL; here’s Ma & Pa Kettle explaining Common Core Math back in the 1930’s:

I’d euthanize myself, but I can’t seem to get the dosage amount right…


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