Come Again – Again?!

O.K. – I read this one THREE times, and I’m still not quite sure WHAT happened, what anyone THOUGHT happened, and what’s GOING to happen:

First off, there’s more NAMES in that story than in Rhode Island – I had to draw up a freakin’ FLOW CHART just to try and figger out exactly WHO was doing WHAT with a prosthetic penis to WHO. And perhaps more importantly – who gets to keep the “penis-suit”, I wanna know?

It’s too bad our hero/heroine got a suspended sentence – I think it would have been FAR more appropriate if the he-she served an equal amount of time in both Women’s AND Men’s institutions, WITH the penis-suit of course. Perhaps then the he-she would be able to make up his-her mind; at a MINIMUM, a good time would be had by all! I can’t help but feel that “euthanasia” is an underlying solution to EVERYONE involved’s issue(s) here – who’s with Dick Jones on this one?


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