Yeah Doc – Gimme That EXTRA Shot Of Testosterone

…I’m a jack-boot Nazi, and I got a 13 year old girl who I gotta show who’s BOSS:

I sincerely hope that the ensuing lawsuits drive this muscle-headed MORON to suicide, and drive this department into bankruptcy. Oh yeah – let’s not forget about THIS show of testosterone-fueled power over this 19 year old kid – here’s wishing THIS cheesedick and his department a similar fate:

South Carolina – Gotta love it – NOT!

And looks like Dick Jones ain’t the only Rocket Scientist to figger this out – here’s an article from Police Chief magazine:


Now HERE’s an article that puts a slant towards the LEO supplementing his own (probably low) testosterone:

I think this article says it best – “Roid Rage”:

I mean – just LOOK at your “average” LEO today – when EXACTLY was the last time YOU saw one built like Barney Fife I wanna know?


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