Dick Jones’ Answer To The Artificial Intelligence Quandary

Now, let’s all agree right here, right now – Elon Musk is one smart MO-FO! He’s certainly a lot smarter than Dick Jones in most ways, although I’m told that he can NOT eat a bushel of apples and then shit a fruit salad, which Dick Jones is rumored to have done.

However, I took his recent comments regarding computers/machines/artificial intelligence to heart:


My Sony VAIO personal computing machine has been pretty uppity with me lately – “reporting for duty” when it wants to, going to sleep when it wants to, not responding to my requests, insisting on software upgrades; you know the drill, right? Well, under advice from my close personal advisor, a Mssr. Jacques Daniels specifically, I let Mr. Sony Artificial Intelligence Pushy Mother Fucker know who The Boss is around h’eah:

SONY_resizeLet that be a warning to his replacement, Mr. Lenovo – I’ll fuck YOU up with the very same fire ax I used on Mr. Sony, the VERY first time you look at me OR my pal Jackie D. crooked!


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