The Jack Boot Squad At Work!

When is this shit gonna STOP?!

Time after time we see these muscle-headed MORONS abusing their power & authority – GeezFuckin’Chris!

Here’s a tip from old Dick Jones, Boys – get off the needle! One testosterone shot per month is PLENTY to keep you “in the game” there in the police locker room, so you continue to look like RoboCop; once a week is too much!

Is Dick Jones the ONLY swingin’ dick that’s noticed how ginormous Law Enforcement Officers have gotten over the last ten years? Whatever happened to Andy Griffith & Barney Fife I wanna know? These guys are CLEARLY shooting up with anabolic steroids and testosterone, with the resultant hyperaggressive tendencies that that ALWAYS produces…

And just WHERE in the Blue Fuck are the Police Chiefs and Commissioners, DJ wants to know? STOP this SHIT not NOW but RIGHT NOW! Is it not ABUNDANTLY MOTHER-FUCKING CLEAR that, in addition to the SENSELESS loss of life that has happened HOW MANY TIMES in the last few years, the ensuing lawsuits are gonna CRIPPLE police departments all over the country – D’UH!

Domino Effect: More speeding tickets and other driving infractions doled out at a geometric rate – “Low Hanging Fruit” for The Jack Boot Squad…

Dick Jones quotes Paul Newman as Butch Cassidy in “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid”: “Boy I got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals”:


2 thoughts on “The Jack Boot Squad At Work!

  1. While this incident is akin to a sucker punch and virtually indefensible unless your nickname is “head on swivel” (and then just maybe), a basic understanding of the U.S.Constitution, Bill of Rights, a bit of case study on the 4th amendment in particular, and a reasonable amount of wit is going to get you out of 90% of police encounters unscathed. 7% of the time you WERE doing 90 on the freeway(minimum speed to get pulled in Socal or 120 for those of you in D-troit) and you fucking deserve that $1000(CA) fine(D-troit might just get a semi-severe reprimand). The final 3% of the time you’re probably fucked if you look at the guy with anything other that a whimpery puppy dog face.

    At best 1% of cops have the “appropriate” demeanor to become that stereotypical, TV driven image of what is an American cop. I’ve known my fair share of cops as friends AND family;NONE of them falls into the 1% and exactly 1 of them is a super nice guy you’d expect to be in the 1%. Nope;the fuckin’ stories these guys tell- Holy fuck;and that’s only half the truth…

    Protect and Serve? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND? There is categorically NOTHING in their job description about protecting and serving. I could go on for pages;alas none of you lemmings can be bothered to step out of line so just head out to the nearest cliff you dumb fucks!

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