Richard Jones has been a long time Esquire magazine fan – going back to the ’70’s, when most of you mooks were riding around on your Marx “Big Wheels”, and sticking wads of gum to the underside of your desktops.

But I must confess – Esquire magazine has gone to SHIT over the last few years; to wit:


Yeah, you GOTTA read it – like a fuckin’ car wreck on the highway, you KNOW you should avert your eyes, but you CAN’T! WISH you could; CAN’T. Wish I DID; DIDN’T!

Now Dick Jones is firmly in the camp that WHATEVER two consenting adults want to do to/with each other is fair game; doesn’t mean that *I* wanna KNOW about it/SEE it!

What’s next, Esquire – two mules fucking?



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