Oh, you’re gonna love THIS one, Boys & Girls:

Now, Dick Jones is willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, as in: “Already BEING a politician, you are required BY LAW to have an incredible ego and live in your own bizarre, convoluted rabbit hole of self-denial and perpetual Kubla Khan Dreamland existence”.

Otherwise, you have a serious crack cocaine habit; either way, Dick Jones holds THIS truth to be self-evident: That blow to the head did a whole lot more than put a permanent shine on that pate of yours…

As USUAL, it’s shaping up to be yet another “None of the above” choice for President here in Dick Jones-land. Geez – find ANY dog-catcher off the street; he/she will make a better President!


One thought on “Insightful…

  1. That’s what happens when you get drunk spout off your puke hole at the blackjack table in the Indian casino. It happens too often anymore.

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