You fuck with the bull…

…you know the rest! EVERY time Dick Jones reads about “the running of the bulls” in Spain, it elicits a big smile. There’s nothing better than a “happy ending” in this man’s world (at least in The World).

I first learned about bullfighting like most of my peers – watching the now-classic Bugs Bunny cartoon “Bully For Bugs”, circa 1953.

From there, I can recall seeing it on some Spanish-speaking channel/program at 2AM, on my little Zenith B&W television that my Dad souvenired me when I was about six years old; of unknown and unexplained origin, it appeared at the house after one of dear old Dad’s monthly all-night carousing’s – probably the result of a drunken evening of poker playing; Dad didn’t know how to do too much, but he DID know how to win at poker:


I rooted for the bull then, and I root for the bull now – any MORON who willingly places himself in the same fuckin’ zip code of any creature possessing horns, tusks, or teeth longer than ~2″ deserves ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that HE gets (notice that I left out the fairer sex, proof POSITIVE once again that women are infinitely smarter than men, except when it comes to their occasional weakness for us)…

So please join me in congratulating the bulls for aiding in Darwin’s “Law of Natural Selection”, by weeding out and removing seven potential reproducers from passing on their respective “Retard Gene” – Bull-y!



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