How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways…

I’m talking of course about my MOTHER-FUCKING Samsung Washer-Dryer set, more specifically (in my case at least)  with the washing machine.

Now to their credit, they ARE a whopping FOUR years old, and I DO run 1-2 loads/week through them (insert sarcasm here).

Here’s the thing – if I load more than about 4 pairs of socks in that washing machine, I get an “out of balance” condition that requires me to rearrange those 4 pairs of SOAKING WET socks a half dozen times (since I get an out of balance condition AGAIN each time), or switch to the “Rinse & Spin” cycle, which uses 152 MORE gallons of water, because there is no “Spin ONLY” cycle on this piece of Korean SHITE.

Apparently the drum shock absorbers go bad after two dozen socks are washed in them; replacing them with equally shitty shock absorbers is ~$350.00 plus labor. And before you think “Oh, here’s another old curmudgeon that hates new technology, allow me to direct you to entire websites DEVOTED to Samsung Haters:

This one is the coup de grace:

If these fuckin’ Korean boat anchors weren’t so God-damned heavy, I’d push ’em out to the curb with a “Free” sign on ’em – Speed Queen, here we come!


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