“Dial 911 – NOW!”

A few weeks ago, after turning 59 years old, I got up one morning at 4:30 after another whopping FIVE fuckin’ hours of sleep – I guess I’ll sleep when I’m DEAD, which might not be too far off at THIS rate of slumber! I’m rummaging around in MY bathroom drawer (that’s singular – Peggy gets the other FOUR drawers doncha know…) – I think I was looking for my anti-aging crème, which has obviously been “lost” for approximately two dozen years.

In the dim light cast by the 7 watt night light, I looked up from my futile search to see the shadowy figure of an old guy standing beside in the mirror. “GeezFuckinChrist! Peggy – dial 911 NOW – there’s some old guy here in the bathroom standing next to me!”

Gettin’ old ain’t for pussies, Kids…



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