“Dial 911 – NOW!”

A few weeks ago, after turning 59 years old, I got up one morning at 4:30 after another whopping FIVE fuckin’ hours of sleep – I guess I’ll sleep when I’m DEAD, which might not be too far off at THIS rate of slumber! I’m rummaging around in MY bathroom drawer (that’s singular – Peggy gets the other FOUR drawers doncha know…) – I think I was looking for my anti-aging crème, which has obviously been “lost” for approximately two dozen years.

In the dim light cast by the 7 watt night light, I looked up from my futile search to see the shadowy figure of an old guy standing beside in the mirror. “GeezFuckinChrist! Peggy – dial 911 NOW – there’s some old guy here in the bathroom standing next to me!”

Gettin’ old ain’t for pussies, Kids…



“The Thought Police” — Dick Jones 100th Blog Entry!

…how far away are we from THAT I wanna know? O.K.—Lots & lots of things are now illegal to “do”; in fact, more and more items are added to THAT list ever’ day, some of ’em good, some of ’em not so good.

Hate crimes—NO GOOD! People restricted from coming and going because of their race—NO GOOD! People being fired from their jobs for an offhanded comment said to a co-worker, or a shared opinion on something in a PRIVATE email exchange (which it seems, is now EVERYONE’S absolute right to KNOW); sorry Boys & Girls—NOT RIGHT! Did I see YOUR name on my Cc list? No I DIT-NT; if I wanted YOU to read it, I would have sent it to YOU!

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie seen at the Dallas Cowboys playoff game rooting for Dallas and NOT for his own “home team”—viral vitriol! Get the fuck OVER YOURSELVES—the man is entitled to root for the Charles Manson All-Stars if he wants to, f’er fuck’s sake!

The concept of “Freedom Of Speech” becomes grayer and grayer as the years (and the proliferation of the Internet) go forward. Bottom line as of today’s entry—pretty much SHUT THE FUCK UP unless you wanna talk about the weather, or The Rings Around Uranus—and I believe the latter will be banned from discussion at the end of 2015…

I’ve always believed that if you want to show the World what a flaming JACKASS you are by spewing verbal garbage, then it should be your right here in the US of A; in most of the rest of the World, not so much.

I was just a kid then so my memory is alittle hazy, but didn’t we throw a bunch of tea in a harbor a few years ago (this was before the Nazi’s bombed Pearl Harbor, for the record) over this line item (plus, I understand that it was pretty shitty tea, but that’s a whole ‘NUTHER Oprah!). It makes me wonder, as I sit here typing this out on my NSA-monitored laptop, how many more years go by before The Thought Police—George Orwell’s fictional Jack Boot Squad in “1984” are quickly and quietly put into place. Think it can’t happen? Think again; or better yet, DON’T—you might get arrested!

Before It’s News:  The Thought Police Are Coming



To get up on your high horse and spout out your position on ANYTHING like it was “The Gospel”—in other words, pretty much what Dick Jones does in EVERY Blog entry!