Ethics Question…

Let’s see if my readers can get the correct answer to this one, as related to me from one of my HS buddies who owns a dry cleaning business:

“As you know Dick, I own a small dry cleaning business in Long Island, along with my longtime business partner. Two days ago, on one of “my” days to work, I’m getting ready to close up shop, it being slightly after 7PM. As I’m checking out the register, I hear a rap on the glass door—one of my regular customers wants me to ignore the “Closed” sign, unlock the door, and let her in to pick up her cleaning. I quickly oblige, and she races in, handing me her ticket (“No tickie, no laundry”, right?). I turn the carousel on, snag her bag o’ cleaning on its way around, and hand it to her, noticing that she is clearly “in a hurry”. She hands me a crisp hundred dollar bill, I quickly make change (less than $10, for the record); she grabs her clothes and makes a beeline for the door, thanking me on her way out…

I lock the door after her, absent-mindedly adjusting the “Closed” sign, then head back to the register to finish checking out. I grab up that hundred (my only one of the day, for the record) and it’s then that I notice that it is not ONE hundred dollar bill, but TWO hundred dollar bills that are “stuck together”. “Which brings us to the ethical question”, my friend says. Discuss amongst yourselves, fair readers; then scroll down for my friend’s response…

“Should I tell my business partner about the extra hundred?”


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