What HAPPENED to Curious George?!

Aw, Sufferin’ Jesus Christ—who diddle-fucked with Curious George I wanna know? Man—I LOVED Curious George as a kid; hell, I STILL love Curious George! And I ain’t ashamed to admit—I own “The Complete Adventures Of Curious George”, I gots me a Curious George lunch pail, I gots a Curious George stuffed animal; in other words, I’m your basic Curious George EXPERT.

So I finish up my 01/04/2015 Blog Entry (see below, under “The Bad Haircut”), and I go onto the Interweb to find me a nice picture of Curious George maybe wearing a baseball cap, right? What do I find? Some fucking PRETENDER Curious George is what I find:

CuriousGeorgePretenderJust LOOK at that retard—what’s he so God-Damned HAPPY about?! It sure can’t be that fucked up cowlick; maybe it’s his more fully-formed digits. Point is—that AIN’T “Curious George”; THIS is Curious George, kids:

CuriousGeorgeOriginal“O.K. Richard—you’re officially off your rocker” I hear you discussing amongst yourselves. Here it is—you start fuckin’ around with the originals of things, and before you know it, they’re LOST; next thing you know, the “Original Curious George” never happened!

It’s a devious communist plot, I tell ya’; I’m gonna look into this, track down the interloper(s), and force a liberal application of banana enemas to him/her/them. I am HATIN’ me some o’ that Mongoloid Monkey Curious George; it’s time to storm the castle—who’s with me?


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