The Pandemic Of Acronyms

Go ahead—call me “Old School”, or just OLD—but WTF is it with virtually ever’THANG being instantly converted to an acronym these days I wanna know? It’s not just in texting any more neither—it is EVERY-FUCKIN’-WHERE!

Here’s the drill—define something into existence, then IMMEDIATELY assign it an acronym, so that you (the “inventor”) NEVER EVER has to use the defined term AGAIN!

Now sure, I know that acronyms have been around virtually FOREVER—caveman drawings had ’em; Freddy Flintstone made use of ’em; the Egyptians laid ’em down—hell, even my CATS use ’em anymore!

A quick Google Search tells me that there are over THREE MILLION of them:

I’m sorry—TOO MUCH TOO MANY! Won’t be long before entire VERBAL conversations will just be acronyms—”IWGTL; YWGWM?” (Translation: “I wanna go to lunch; you wanna go with me?”).

I always wonder, as I’m reading the latest string of acronyms in whatever I happen to be reading, JUST how many of my fellow readers that are reading the same thing REALLY know what the author is referring to 100%; or do they just “move ahead” in blissful ignorance, like *I* usually do…

I predict a future pretty much like in “Blade Runner”, where ALL language becomes a “blur” of acronyms, abbreviations, grunts, and psyco-babble—NO fuckin’ BODY will REALLY know what ANYBODY ELSE is saying, but will rather nod in agreement.

I feel sorry for the future women of the World—at least men have a set of balls to scratch emphatically—’cause that’s what men DO! NEMWISMB’s…


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