I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night…

Clever, ain’t it? Too bad *I* didn’t think of it—I must give a tip o’ the hat to The Electric Prunes for their sixties hit by the same name; VERY applicable to myownself last night though!

I’m talkin’ Tier One Kubla Khan Shit—midget winged monkeys with cowboy hats flying through the keyhole of the bedroom door by the hundreds; pirate ship coming across the bedroom carpet with Long John Silver at the helm, FULLY equipped with parrot, peg-leg, hook-hand and eye patch; intertwined slithering balls o’ snakes like an M.C. Escher litho ; lions & tigers & bears oh MY! Damn—who slipped the morphine mickey into my cocktail last night, I wanna know?

Woke up this AM with a pair of sore eyeballs, no doubt the result of “REM Overtime”—guess it was the standing rib roast, horseradish mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, pumpkin pie, and Bailey’s Irish Cream shooters consumed with reckless abandon into late in the evening. Ah well—as long as I didn’t wake up with a used condom hangin’ out of my ass and/or a “recreation tattoo” of the above dreamfest on my chest, it musta been a good X-Mas!


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