Does Krazy Glue glue ANYTHING…

…except two fingers together, I wanna know? Oh yeah – it’ll glue your hardhat to a girder; now THAT’s handy! I needed to do that, lemme see – NEVER!

I spent two hours yesterday fiddle-fuckin’ around with trying to glue the antlers back on one of the two plastic X-Mas reindeer that Peggy brought out of storage, as we did our X-Mas decoration thang; they broke off AGAIN as she retrieved ’em from the milk crate that they live in all year.

I’ve glued and REGLUED those God-Damned horns on more times than I care to COUNT! And yeah – I KNOW how to do it too – clean the two surfaces of ALL previous adhesive(s) – I use 3M Adhesive Remover; give both surfaces a slight “scuff” with sandpaper to enhance the bond, use 1-2 drops of the shite – no MORE than that; hold for 30 seconds…

What they conveniently leave OUT of the directions is one simple word – the same word that’s on your shampoo bottle, Kiddies – REPEAT! Which is what *I* did ~6 times yesterday – right up to the time that I brought in Reindeer #2, sans antlers, to join his brother on the hearth.

My “pitch” to Peggy, as I soaked a cotton ball in the aforementioned 3M Adhesive Remover so’s I could FREE the thumb and forefinger of my left hand from their Superglue embrace: “Hey – now we got a male AND female reindeer, as it SHOULD be! Alternately, I may lay the vestigial antlers next to the one reindeer, with a sign reading “You break it, you bought it” – whaddya think?



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