The Superman S…

Wayback Machine – 1996. Yours truly parks it on the porcelain, getting ready to launch the morning mudsnake. Finish the business, and OF COURSE gotta look at my “creation” (admit it – YOU do it TOO!); low and behold – a PERFECT Superman S!

This was a thing of beauty, Boys & Girls – EXACTLY the same shape of the S on Superman’s costume, EXACTLY “framed” by the contours of the bowl in EXACTLY the same fashion as the border around Superman’s S; my work here on Earth is DONE!

“Photos or it never happened”; sorry, this was before I had a digital camera, and I’m thinking that if I took it with my old “Brownie” (that was NOT a double entendre; do your Google Search!) camera and dropped off the roll for development at the local 1 hour photo (yeah, they had THOSE ever’ other block back in the good old days), it would have caused quite a stir. You’ll just have to use your imagination here; or better yet, go and do likewise!


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