There’s nuthin’ wrong with me…

…that an ice pick lobotomy wouldn’t fix, it has suddenly and succinctly occurred to me. The World is one FUCKED UP PLACE, from the smallest micro level right up to the largest macro level – there is NOT a BIG ENOUGH can of “Unfuck” to open that would come CLOSE to fixing it!

Is it any WONDER that Robin Williams took his own life?! I mean – that dude was one NOTICIN’ mutha-fucker; hell, he saw more shit in his SLEEP than 99.9999999 1/2% of the rest of the waking world, am I wrong?

Now I know, there’s plenty of GOOD in the world too; it just seems like all the GOOD words, deeds, and acts are the equivalent of trying to shovel shit against the tide in a tsunami. And thanks to the Interweb, every mongoloid idiot knows JUST how fucked up every OTHER mongoloid idiot on the planet is within 10 minutes after THEY fuck up!

It shouldn’t be any surprise that marijuana is getting so much “traction” ever’where; hell, anyone with a 3 digit I.Q. has gotta take even a cursory look around themselves – no further than say, a 20 foot radius for 20 minutes – and say: “Please allow me to get properly FUCKED UP, and STAY fucked up until it’s time to go to bed.”

And how ’bout all these “studies” that get reported, at least one/day: “This is bad for you, too much of THAT is bad for you; what we THOUGHT was good for you is now actually bad for you, and what we thought was BAD for you is now O.K. – “in moderation”.

Lemme ask you – how many of YOUR friends and loved ones do ANY fuckin’ thing “in moderation”? I’ve met one swingin’ dick my entire life that did everything in moderation – he makes ME wanna go out and get fucked up just to SPITE him!

Now pardon me while I devour an ENTIRE box of Cheese-Its, and couch-lock for the next twelve hours playing video games – has anybody got an ice pick they can loan me?


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