What’s in a name?

Here he goes again – that old geezer Dick Jones, gonna squawk about something that almost no-BODY cares about any more, if they ever DID!

So, I’m walking through Harbor Fright the other day – this time *I* was the Diamond Dummy for my pal, who needed some woodworking tools. As I idly sashayed down each aisle in my mid-afternoon bucolic haze, I noticed all the manufacturer names for HF’s wares; to wit: “US General”, “Chicago Electric”, “Pittsburgh Automotive”, “Badland Winches”, “Western Safety”, “Bunker Hill Security”, “Smith & Jones”, Pacific Hydrostar”, “Portland”, “Amerityre”, etc.

Now – to the casual observer, and/or to someone who’s not paying attention, where is the “implied” Country of Origin – the US of A, right?

But what’s the REAL Country of Origin on ALL of these items, as if you care? Cheen-wa; t’as right! Now, I’m not assigning anything derisive here (O.K., maybe I AM), but I wonder what Harbor Fright’s annual sales would be like if they changed all these names to, say – the ACTUAL names of the factories that are churning out this stuff, or the actual cities in China where these products originate – as in: “Truth In Advertising”. Say “Shenzhen Company”, “Guangzhou Inc.”, “Kunshan Co.”.

Just callin’ ’em like I see ’em, Kids…


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