I also think that vegetables are overrated…

It occurs to me, here in middle age, that I would do a number of things “differently” than the norm/accepted/proper behavior-wise; to wit: I’d pretty much live my life like a cat or dog does.

I do much of it already, taking cues from my furry roommates — I drink when I’m thirsty (not worrying about HOW MUCH I drink on a daily basis) and I sleep when I’m tired.

What I WOULD do if I was single and didn’t work a “real” job is that I would LITERALLY sleep (only) when I was tired, for exactly AS long as I DID, each & every day! Now I pretty much lay in the bed, even when I awake at 4-ish.

I’d have a super-duper reclining office chair at my desk, and a super-duper Lazy Boy recliner in my living room, and when I got sleepy, I’d sleep ’til I awoke; same with when I went to bed (IF I actually “went to bed”) — I’d bet you a cookie that I’d be more efficient, more rested, and get MORE done with LESS sleep in each & every 24 hour “period”…

Dogs and cats don’t worry that much about EXACTLY how much sleep, how much liquids, how much food/what kind of food, or how much they exercise (or don’t) any given day.

I also think that vegetables are overrated…


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