Had I KNOWN about that bead of silicone…

I removed the cumbersome ~100 pound aluminum 14′ side awning from the top right side of my RV last week, leaving behind a 14′ string of silicone caulk as big around as your thumb, tenaciously attached to the fiberglass.

Spent four hours yesterday “painting” it in 2 foot sections with lacquer thinner, then scraping with a plastic razor blade scraper, then painting, then scraping — you get the picture! Four hours standing on a ladder, aggressively scraping, wiping etc.

There isn’t a muscle in my whole body that doesn’t hurt this AM, and I’ve STILL got two feet to go! Honestly, if I had KNOWN about that God-damned bead of silicone, and it being SO fuckin’ hard to remove, I would have left the God-damned awning UP there!


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