“So ask me how I like my new Armadillo tires?”

Yep, that was yesterday’s project — got me some Kevlar-impregnated, narrower, higher-PSI, road-tread tires for my current ride and mounted ’em on — MUCH less rolling resistance on my neighborhood test ride! Look for that 12.2 average MPH to go up today! These tires are SUPPOSED to be reasonably puncture resistant — same brand — “Armadillo” — that’s on my soon-to-be-delivered bike — so hopefully I got the flat tire base covered on both bikes!

I also RELUCTANTLY bought a bike helmet, after the owner of the small bike store down the street IMPLORED me to get one. I was considering it anyway…How in the HELL did we ever make it through childhood? I bought a PILE of other “gear” for myself and my new bike too, so I guess I really am a “bike man” now — “In for a penny, in for a pound”, as the saying goes.”


[later that week]

“So I neglected to tell you — the FIRST day with my new Armadillo super-duper puncture-resistant tires on my bike — I got a flat!! Yep — amazing but true!

I was on the last 2.5 miles of my 14.25 mile ride — going up the steep hill in front of the Ritz Carlton, overlooking the ocean, when I noticed it. I pushed the bike the last 2.5 miles, since I had REMOVED the tire pump and all tire-related tools from my bike, based on the assurances of the bike shop owner that I would NEVER need such conveyances AGAIN on my bike!

Anyway, I got it back to the garage and proceeded to remove the wheel, then the tire and tube. It appeared to be a manufacturing flaw in the vulcanization of the tube that caused it; not really the fault of the tire, to be truthful.

Anyway, I took the wheel, tire and tube into the shop the next day and asked the owner: “So ask me how I like my new Armadillo tires?” He was absolutely SHOCKED that I had had a flat! I said: “So can I have my Airlock Puncture-repairing tubes NOW?” Needless to say, he installed the Airlock tube into that tire and mounted ’em both on the wheel gratis, and sold me a second Airlock for my front tire. . .”


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