No Service Zone


Yep, it was bound to happen! Almost EXACTLY halfway through my “into the desertful of hot sun, rattlesnakes, coyotes and mountain lions oh my!” ride yesterday, I noticed my mph speed was a couple ticks less than usual.

About the same time, I noticed that my front tire was REALLY low. Jumped off and stupidly examined it (hey – whaddya gonna do?) and sure enough, it was leaking!

The sun IMMEDIATELY got 10 degrees hotter; I put my little hand towel over my head, turban-style. My water bottle IMMEDIATELY got 10 degrees hotter; I took the tire pump off the frame and started pumping – it wasn’t working!

I resigned myself to pushing the bike 5.5 miles back to the house. . .Well, after about 2/10’s of a mile, I decided that THAT was for the birds! I pushed it up off the trail, onto the Niguel road, ‘cross the street to a small shopping strip mall, where at least there was some shade.

Of course, my cell phone was in a “No Service” zone RIGHT there, and of course, I had NOT transferred my next door neighbor’s unlisted phone number into my cell phone’s memory yet, and of course, the ONLY public phone at that mall was out of order. . .

The list of “items” that were NOW gonna be ON that bike from NOW on kept adding up in my head, with AIRLESS TIRES occupying the #1 slot! I gave the tire pump another try – SUCCESS! After 75 pumps from my vestigial arms, I managed to fill up the tire. I quickly snapped the pump back onto the frame, and took off back UP the trail.

I was able to complete my route by riding for 5-7 minutes, jumping off, pumping up the tire, and riding again – 4-5 pit stops total. . .Immediately upon my return, I jumped onto the computer and logged into the Airless Tires website that’s been bookmarked for the last two years. . .

I’d like to start designing and building my own bike here soon. Due to the $4,500 to $5K that it’s gonna come out to, I’ll have to go a little at a time, starting with the custom-built titanium frame, I guess. Or I may start with the Aerospoke Wheels with the disc brakes and Airless Tires and bike computer transmitter and 50 speed gear cartridge and. . .


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