“Parade of Lights”

Parade of Lights

We went on the Newport Beach “Parade of Lights” last night. It was listed as one of the “Top Ten” X-Mas attractions in USA Today yesterday. It consists of a 90 minute “Harbor Cruise” on a ~50 foot fishing boat, the purpose being to check out all the X-Mas lights on the houses and boats in the NB Harbor.

This HAS to qualify as one of my all-time MOST overrated experiences of my lifetime, right behind driving a ’56 Thunderbird! What you DON’T think about is that there are ~300 OTHER boats doing the SAME thing at the SAME time in the harbor, causing a COMPLETE & CONSTANT diesel fuel/exhaust smell for the ENTIRE 90 minutes, with NOT one breath of fresh air the entire trip!

That and the fact that if all those cheap, gaudy “Chevy Chase/National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” lights were ANYWHERE else in the country, they would be considered – well – cheap and gaudy!

I was completely “done” after the first ten minutes, with the remaining 80 minutes of trapped MISERY to go down in my diesel-addled brain as one of the BIGGEST bustouts in my ~48 years, short of being a bottlefed baby. . .


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