It’s better to be lucky than good

So I’m riding on the return leg of the trail ride today, on the long downhill curvy portion, when I see a service vehicle a few hundred yards and turns ahead. No big deal – there’s landscaping trucks that “work” this trail all the time.

As I go through the switchbacks, I see that there’s VERY little room for me to get by this truck – maybe 2 feet – so I ramp down my speed a bit. Come around the last curve, focusing on my “line” intently, I look up at the service person, who’s in front of the truck (and partially in my way).

It’s THEN that I notice that the guy is wearing a bee suit, and there’s a HUGE black swarm of bees all ’round him! By this time I’m WAY too close, going WAY too fast, to stop, swerve, retreat, etc. So I just say “OH SHITTTTTTTT!!!!” twice, put my head down, and go RIGHT through the black swarm!

I felt ’em hitting my face, my arms, and my chest as I pedaled FURIOUSLY to get past this cycling nightmare – and did not get stung ONCE! I guess he was getting rid of the nest; when I pedaled OUT, I saw three red “X’s” on the dirt next to the trail – fuck ME!!

Just goes to show ya’ – It’s better to be lucky than good, and I’m living testimony to THAT!!


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