THE finest restored condition example of this rare piece in existence!


Here we have what may very well be THE finest restored condition example of this rare piece in existence!

Feast your eyes on this exquisite restoration. Beautifully painted in a bright white enamel, wet-sanded to minimize orange peel, then buffed to a high luster. Dial and hands are in fine, gently-patina’d original condition, giving this clock a warm vintage glow. Unit is absolutely complete – all door hinges in place, General Electric brass plaque proudly displayed above the doors, back brass plate highly polished, and “honeycomb” monitor top wearing JUST the right amount of paint to show off the lurid detail that went into the design and casting of this antique.

Go ahead – get out your jeweler’s loupe and look CLOSELY; you will fairly weep at what you see!  The Telechron movement runs like a Swiss watch – I had this clock running for a full year on our kitchen counter, and I think it gained ~6 seconds.  Quiet as a church mouse, the second glides around the dial like a figure skater; you’ll find yourself transfixed as you watch it purposefully move ‘round the dial.  The heavily-domed, crystal clear crystal adds a “bending effect” to the hands that, if you’ve never seen or experienced, will elicit a smile every time you see it.

The coup de grace is the vintage-styled (but new) cloth power cord, generously-sized at 8 1/2 feet long, capped off by the original, correct “GE” stamped on both tangs bakelite plug.

This would make the perfect gift for that special someone (maybe you!) that will be a “nostalgia trip” back to simpler (better?) times each time it’s looked at.  Unwrap it, plug it in, stand back, and smile!  Go ahead and check “Past Auctions” to see what lesser examples of this hopelessly rare beauty bring, then bid like ya’ mean it!


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