The Shape-Shifter


“Three years or so ago I walked up to the CVS Pharmacy, about 4 blocks up from our house in Charlotte. (No — it WASN’T to get some more DayQuil!) While walking the aisles, I literally RAN into an older black man. What was odd immediately was that there was NO ONE in the aisle the split second BEFORE! I had turned my head away for a quick second, and then there he was! He was oddly built — VERY slight arms and legs — sinewy even — with a large, Rafalko-like barrel chest. His hair was NOT gray, but a VERY shiny silver — not just his head, but his fingers, the back of his neck, and his exposed chest hairs.

I apologized for bumping into him – he looked me RIGHT in the eyes with the most penetrating gaze I’ve ever seen — INSTANTLY hypnotic. I could NOT break my gaze away. I just stood there, transfixed by his stare, to the point that everything in the peripherey went a bit out of focus, if you know what I mean. It was then that his face — just for the briefest instant — turned into that of a wolf…

He then continued by me, and I stood there, tryin’ to shake it off. I continued my shopping, by then convincing myself that this was just some kind of alcohol flashback or SOMEthing! As I proceeded to the checkout, he was in the process of paying the cashier on the left. I paid for my 1-2 items to the cashier on the right — he was MAYBE 15-20 seconds ahead of me out the door. Right as he was stepping through the electric door, he looked over his left shoulder and shot me a glance — EVERY hair on my body stood up with what felt like static electricity!

I shook it off again, and proceeded out the door myself — again about 15-20 seconds behind him, and a bit “tentative” at that! When I got outside — NOTHING in EITHER direction! I looked left and right about 4 times — it was THEN that I looked about 300 yards (NO exaggeration!) down the sidewalk to the left, and there he was, just ambling along — Jesse Owens couldn’t have done THAT! I don’t think I will EVER live long enough to forget that incident…You’all can believe that or not, but I KNOW what I saw!”


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