To please my wife…

So, to please my wife (for a change!) I agreed that it would be O.K. if we didn’t put one of my BEAUTIFUL, marvelously functional, VINTAGE refrigerators [pictured] in the kitchen; instead, we went to Pacific Sales and bought a fancy new LG (Made in Korea) refrigerator for $2,800.00. Got delivered this AM, they took all the plastic off, plugged it in – DOA!

Meanwhile, the crappy 1995 Amana had already been loaded in the truck to haul it away; they put the crappy 2013 LG right next to it — how appropriate! Now, my 1955 GE is in the hole, cooling away — as it has for the last 57 years! Only sayin’…

[A Viking refrigerator was ordered as a replacement.]

So this is delivery NUMBER THREE; the guy that showed up looked like an prison escapee — 3 days’ worth of beard, dirty jacket, filthy hands… I check the back of the truck to make SURE it’s the right refrigerator; all good THERE at least! I’ve got everything moved out of the way, so I show him the “trail” that he’s gonna have to take.

They put it on a hand truck and start going through our narrow side “alley”. Despite my warnings, they continue to get close to the stucco on the side of the house; sure enough, when they turn the corner, they scrape the vertical handle “end caps” on the stucco! They get it in the house – guy starts tearing out all the Styrofoam, which is held in w/blue tape. Makes a colossal mess out of THAT project, all the while getting the inside walls of the fridge filthy/greasy. He half-assed gets that out, leaving about as much Styrofoam/tape IN the box/on the racks as he removes. Then I notice that the back of his right hand is bleeding a LOT! I point it out to him, he waves it off but grabs a paper towel off of the counter. After he leaves and I start in CORRECTLY and COMPLETELY removing all the packing materials, I notice blood ALL OVER the inside of the refrigerator and freezer – NICE! Took me an HOUR to clean up the inside of the box, and disinfect the “Biohazard” areas…Jesus CHRIST!


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