If I hadn’t blown up like a poisoned dog, I’d be keeping this jacket

If I hadn’t blown up like a poisoned dog, I'd be keeping this jacket

All right – Up today is my #1 favorite leather jacket, and I’ve had a PILE of ‘em! Bought this one in ~1985 in Charlotte NC – they actually had a Wills & Geiger store there! Size is 44R, but I gotta say, this one is great because the sleezes are long! At the time, I was 6’2” and 190 pounds (Ah, THOSE were the days!) and took a 42L or 44L jacket.

I immediately started customizing this one – I shipped the jacket to Stuart Clurman at Lost Worlds, where he had his people replace the collar with a New Old Stock Vintage Surplus Mouton Collar – WHAT a difference! Color was quite a few shades lighter, and the mouton was MUCH thicker.

After getting it back, I had my local tailor sew in a Mindanao Phillipine Islands silk “Escape Map”, as well as two “Blood Chits”, leaving the tops of each open so I could use them as “dump pockets”. This was one of my truly “better ideas”, as I’ve used those pockets a babillion times – you will too!

Finally, I bought the correct metal stencils from a stationary store and stenciled “U.S.N.” on the back of the collar in white leather dye. Maybe I’m drinking my own bathwater here, but I think it came out KILLER!

If I hadn’t blown up like a poisoned dog in the last 5 years, I’d be keeping this jacket until I reached room temperature, and letting my wife worry about getting rid of it! Alas, barring a debilitating disease, I’ll prolly never fit in this again, so it’s time to send it down the road….

No damage WHATSOEVER to the leather – Goatskin is some tough stuff! I mean – how many “scun up” goats do you see walkin’ around, I wanna know? …Rayon lining is in excellent condition, single inside pocket/snap is fine – comes from a non-smoking household, so there are absolutely NO bad odors whatsoever! I would hand this jacket to your Mom to wear with absolutely no embarrassment or apologies!

Willis & Geiger was one of the original suppliers of these jackets during WWII and Korean conflicts – they continued to make a premium product that was meant to last two lifetimes! The leather even smells good too – like ambrosia! I moved to SoCal in 2003, and I haven’t worn it since – it’s been in a garment bag. My buddies back East are bitchin’ about the cold weather, so it occurred to me to go ahead and put my three “cold weather” jackets up on eBay to “do my part” for you poor, shivering sumbitches!


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