Grooming the Rug

Grooming the Rug In my middle age, I find that I get distracted by “side projects” as I’m walking from one room to the next; example: yesterday I was getting ready to vacuum the LR rug, when I noticed all these “strings” of material sticking out in various places, “disturbing” the visual palette of the pattern(s) – a gray tread impinging into the black “wave area” of the rug in a dozen places, and black threads impinging into the gray areas. So I sat down w/my glasses on and a pair of scissors and spent a half an hour “grooming” the rug – that was one of those stupid “projects” that I’ve been MEANING to do since we BOUGHT that rug in Phoenix 3 years ago! Then I spent a half hour wiping down the cover of the hot tub outside; I vacuumed the upstairs patio furniture on the balcony; I wiped down the BBQ grille granite “island”; I walked through the various stone-covered areas in the back and side of the house and picked “nits” – the little pieces of bark and other plant debris that the gardeners don’t bother with – next thing *I* knew, it was lunch-time! Then I noticed that the litter box, that I had set OUT to do at ~9:30, when I was distracted by the LR rug, STILL hadn’t been done yet; did that, walked out through the garage to get to the trash bin outside the garage, noticed a transmission fluid spot under the SUV, moved it out onto the street so I could scrub the spot off w/BrakeKleen and a stiff brush, which I did; then I noticed a bunch of black widow/brown widow webs (they are an EPIDEMIC here in SoCal – literally ALL around the base of the house, which is stacked stone), so I got out my handheld Dyson vacuum and vacuumed all THOSE up; then I noticed that it was time to drive up to Corona Del Mar for my 3PM haircut appointment – then the day was basically OVER, and there were STILL projects that I had set out to do first thing in the AM that weren’t done. Reminds me of my old saying: “Every day I wake up with NOTHING to do, and by the end of the day I haven’t finished HALF of it…” : -)) Soooo…Two projects left over from yesterday that I will do FIRST thing after I shower/shave…Wait a MINUTE – is that a crack in the stucco on the wall next to the pool? I GOTTA go fill that in w/concrete repair caulk right NOW…


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